Wondering how much you could save using PAILE technology for your ground conditions and desired foundation load? Get ready for Crikey – your open foundation design tool which enables planning and comparison of a range of foundation systems in three, easy steps.

First, import your Soil profile. In this tab, you define basic site parameters as well as a detailed CPT profile. The profile can be created manually or uploaded from a file. A sample CPT file in the correct format is available here. You can also try our test data by clicking the button below.

Once the Soil profile is defined, the Foundation Design tab becomes active. Here you define the desired load capacity and geometry of the planned foundation system (which could be different for each method). The diameter of the shaft (Ds) is usually dependent on the piling machine available. The diameter of the base is only available for the PAILE method and is set to a default value. More technical information on the PAILE method is available here.

The Report tab is an easy tool to compare the calculated pile depth (required to assure the defined load capacity) and a single pile volume which can be used to estimate the cost of the proposed foundation system. The currently supported methods are PAILE, CFA, Drilled displacement pile and Driven precast.

Authors of the application do not take any responsibility for the design advice.